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A Brief History of the Society - now in existence for 116 years
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The Society held it's inaugural meeting on 16 January 1901 and issued its first publication in 1902. At first the registers were issued in paper-backed parts of about fifty-sixty pages each as they were completed by the transcribers. Using this method, for the first few years they were able to produce several registers a year.
The onset of the First World war, however, with its consequent shortage of manpower for both transcribing and printing, together with the general shortage of paper and ink, meant that this rate of production could not be kept up and from 1914 onwards only one register was produced each year.
The Second World War produced even greater difficulties and these together with the greatly increased costs of production meant that from 1940 the Society was only able to produce a volume once every two years as funds allowed. 
In 2014 we published four Registers and in 2015 three Registers.  In 2016 we published two Registers and have plans to publish two (maybe three) Registers in 2017.

  In 116 years we have published 152 Registers.

The Society nevertheless has an enviable record in the field of publication of parish registers and it is now one of the few in existence still regularly printing parish registers in book form.   We are making a special appeal for new members to support us in our work and are particularly looking for members who would be interested in undertaking some transcribing.  The aim of the Society is to print volumes of registers as often as funds allow and we can find the skilled volunteers to do the transcribing.  Each member receives a free copy of a register as soon as it is published. To join the SPRS please fill out a membership form OR you can subscribe or renew ONLINE BY PayPal.    If you would be interested in helping us with transcribing, please contact the Chair or Secretary, their contact details are below.

Our next Annual General Meeting is to be held on Saturday, 22 April 2017, at the Haling Dene Centre, Cannock Road, Penkridge at 10.30am.  Further details from the Secretary.  All subscribing members have been informed.  Non-members are also welcome if interested in joining.  

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Colonel I.S. Swinnerton TD JP FSG Hon. FHGSC.

Chair:  Robert F Morton

Hon Secretary and Treasurer:      Ian Wallbank   
All Enquiries by email please.
82 Hillport Avenue


WEBSITE CO-ORDINATOR:   Bevan Craddock -

(SPRS is a Registered Charity - No: 517646)

Recent Registers Published

in 2011
 - Tutbury, St. Mary - Parish Register, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1688-1767
 - Tipton, St. Martin - Part 2 - Baptisms, Marriages & Burials 1736-1770;  Marriages 1754-1812;
                                                        Banns 1754-1812.
 - Bramshall, St. Lawrence - Parish Registers, 1587 - 1900

in 2012
 - Tipton, St. Martin - Part 3 - Baptisms & Burials 1770 - 1812
 - Alrewas, All Saints - Part 2 - Baptisms & Burials 1671-1795; Marriages 1671-1753

in 2013
- Kingstone, St. John the Baptist - Baptisms 1679-1873; Marriages 1689-1837; Burials 1679-1868
- Alrewas, All Saints - Part 3 - Baptisms 1795-1841; Marriages 1754-1837; Burials 1795-1867
- Quarnford, St. Paul - Baptisms 1744-1899; Marriages 1744-1754; Burials 1744-1902

in 2014
 - Stone, St. Michael, Part 1 - Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1568-1672
 - Gayton, St. Peter - 1593-1900
 - Sandon, All Saints - 1635-1900
 - Rushton Spencer, St. Lawrence - 1693-1812

in 2015
- Draycott in the Moors, St. Margaret - Parish Registers 1669-1900
 - Bobbington, Holy Cross - Parish Registers 1571-1837
 - Longdon, St. James - Parish Registers 1663-1841

in 2016
- Colwich, St. Michael & All Angels - Bapts 1590-1857; Marriages 1590-1851; Burials 1590-1872
- Newborough, All Saints - Parish Registers 1601-1900

in 2017
 - Marchington, St. Peter - Parish Registers 1609-1900



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